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Founded in 1951 by Charles Bernard, Airborne France is one of the most influential design companies of the modernist era with creations by design pioneers such as Pierre Guariche, Olivier Mourgue, Daniele Forty, and Yves Christin, among many others.


Today, the company’s most renowned design remains the armchair AA ©. In 1938, three designers—Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Juan Kurchan and Antonio Bonnet—designed the BKF armchair. Success was immediate and the three designers were recognized as having created an instant icon of contemporary design. 


Charles Bernard produced the chair in 1951 under the name AA © for the French and European market. The original leather covers were followed by linen and cotton covers, with the famous central white seams, which would later become the emblem of the brand. In the 1970s, the company created the three-part structure, which became demountable.


By 1975, Airborne had met hard times and the company was sold and resuscitated many times. The armchair was set aside in favor of making contemporary office furniture. In 2010, two friends—Patricia Lejeune and Christine Prévert—bought the company and decided to focus on this mythical chair of the 40s. Their goal was to return the brand to its original strength: design. Today, Airborne offers 57 different covers and two versions of the AO table, designed in the Airborne workshops in 1953 to accompany the chair.

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