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Maison RENOMA Edition

Never limiting himself to protocol and fixed frames, Maurice Renoma likes to break the rules and continually reinvent himself, blending the imaginary with reality.


From his encounters and friendships, new artistic collaborations are born. Maurice Renoma's furniture collection edited by Atelier Philippe Coudray is a limited series of personalized pieces of Louis XV and Louis XVI styles. 


Faithful to its concept of Neo Fusion, Maurice Renoma gives life to custom-made furniture that allows the mixing of genres and its photographic themes, to create a new collection of artful and offbeat furniture.


The artist's universe invites you to play and think, using humor and imagination to give a surprising modernity to these classic pieces.

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731 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069,


(310) 752-3870

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